Our Customers

Our Customers

We know exactly how you feel. You have fair-skin and therefore a higher risk for developing skin cancer from UV sunlight. But don’t worry; we have a product that helps protect your noggin. You’ll then feel and look better.


Reasons to Buy

  • There are over 30.2 million small businesses in the United States according to Fundera.com. Small businesses, not corporations, are the heart and soul of America. Adding another flourishing small business strengthens America’s viability, adds for the possibility of putting an American to work, promotes good among our people, and provides American made products being lost to countries like China. Why not Doo Rag Nation.™
  •  You, our patron, get the opportunity to support a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses.
  •  Quality made products made in America.
  •  Most of all, you promote your lifestyles, ideas and raise awareness for what matters most” through the use and wear of our durags. Doo Rag Nation.™ 

You know how people are worried and looking to help protect themselves from the spread of germs and bacteria, well, our products actually help protect you. You’ll feel better and most of all, have peace of mind. Are you going to let $.46 cents a day stand in the way of your health? You wouldn’t do such a thing, isn’t’ that right.  So go ahead and  Shop now.

Durag Uses    

  • Use DooRag Nation™ durags as a form of SPF protection to help protect skin and block UV rays
  • Build self-esteem and confidence for those who suffer from Alopecia
  • Style and profile with a look and feel that represents you
  • Use Doo Rag Nation™ durags for recognition or social distinction
  • Protect hair from foreign particles and dust
  • Keep hair in place and out of your food while cooking
  • Support religious beliefs and customs
  • Supports a conservative dress
  • Quickly shop without doing your hair
  • Advertise your non-profit organization


We understand your frustration with constantly sweating or your hair getting in the way while you work. We have a simple solution and our products absorb sweat and keep your hair in place. You’ll stay cooler and look better. Use product code “2FOR20” and receive FREE Shipping and $4 off on next purchase.



Doo Rag Nation™ Products

Over 90 products categorized into approximately 10 categories for you to choose from. Some of our selections includes medical care, the army medical corps, medical receptionist, glitter durags, multi-colored, mesh durags, lace durags, patriotic durags, zebra-stripes, hot chili pepper durags and many more.

 We all have a certain set of ideas and beliefs on display each day. Some of us are fighting for our lives, for our loved ones who are battling cancer or some terminal illnesses. Others want to make a fashion statement or bring an issue to the forefront. No matter the cause, it’s a worthy “daily fight” for what matters to you the most.

    • Patriotic and Freedom-Loving Americans – God bless and protect America.
    • Military and “Hooah People” – America’s Warfighters, Bring the heat!
    • Women – Our matriarch, mothers, wives, sisters, and lovers. You are uniquely is a class by your self. Be you!
    • People from the Land of Alopecia- Bald is now the new, hot and sexy according to some. I’ll prefer to let time and genetics take its place. For these people in mind, especially today, it’s prudent for all to cover and protect yourself while the intensity of the sun increases. Unexposed skins put anyone at risk no matter who you are.
    • Cancer Victims and Survivors – You are not alone. Keep up the fight!
    • Bikers and the Two-Wheeler People – Riding is a form of therapy, relaxation, or thrill. Don’t forget to wear your protective gear. Doo Rag Nation™ durags are uniquely fitted with a sweatband to keep vision clear while you put the pedal to the metal.
    • Constructions Workers – Keep the sweat, dust, and particles at bay while building America.
    • Emergency Medical Service and Medical Professionals – Thank you for always being there when we need you. Wouldn’t you be the talk of the room with a sporty durags  while wearing your scrubs?
    • “Free-Stylers”, Peace, Love, and Music – Do you own “thang.” Doo Rag Nation™ has something for you too.
    • Seniors, Young Minded and Full of Wisdom – Becoming old is a state of mind. I get it. Our bodies will move slower, hurt and ache, but don’t let that stop you.
    • Sports and Enthusiast – Represent your favorite team or jump on the bandwagon while doing so. Shop Now
    • Badassery – those that bring the heat baby.