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Doo Rag Nation
Doo Rag Nation

We know exactly how you feel. You have fair-skin and therefore a higher risk for developing skin cancer from UV sunlight. But don’t worry, we have a product that helps protects your noggin. You’ll then feel and look better. We believe we sell the best durags in the nation. We got you covered. Visit us at www.DooRagNation.com.


Our Products

You know how people are worried and looking to help protect themselves from the spread of germs and bacteria, try our COVID-19 facial masks, our products actually help protect you. You’ll feel better and most of all, have peace of mind. Are you going to let $.46 cents a day stand in the way of your health? Come on friend and SIGN UP! and get your 20% off your next purchase. Use discount code: DISC20 (Also receive FREE gift a value of $5 and FREE S/H on purchases of 2 or more items.)


We understand your frustration with constantly sweating or your hair getting in the way while you work. We have a simple solution and our products absorb sweat and keep your hair in place. You’ll stay cooler and look better. Use product code “2FOR20” and receive FREE Shipping and $4 Off on next purchase. Hurry up before a promotion ends.

Ordering is Easy and Fast. We usually ship within 12 hours. We’ll also put in a small FREE gift just for you.



DooRag Nation’s™ history started in 2013 when Janice Backus formed and operated the business then called “Chickenlady Head Wraps.” Sadly enough she died several months later after starting the business in June of 2013. 

Nathaniel W. Bragg Jr. restarted the business from scratch in 2014 under a different name, “Rockin Head Wraps.” He continued a worthy cause of much more than selling head wraps. He was a U.S. Army Veteran who served others and continued serving by helping people establish identities and create awareness for people who suffer from alopecia (hair loss) and related issues. As life would have it, tragedy struck again and dealt another fatal blow. Nathaniel died in October of 2014 only several months after the business started to flourish. 

In 2015, Nathaniel’s wife Melanie was granted permission to take over the business. She renamed the business “DooRag Station™” and kept her husband’s memory alive. The daily pulls and strains of operating a full-fledged business became overbearing. As a spouse of a Veteran who owned the business, Melanie desired to pass the baton onto a Veteran who shared the same vision of operating the business with integrity and quality products.

This endeavor came to fruition in September of 2017. The company’s changed its name to DooRag Nation.™ Its first sales occurred in support of a fundraiser for homeless people at the 6th Annual Capital City Bikefest, Tallahassee, Florida. Welcome to DooRag Nation™.

About the Owner

Hello and welcome to DooRag Nation.™ My name is Alvin Benjamin, the CEO, and owner of DooRag Nation.™ I’m a U.S. Army combat veteran of the Gulf War, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring freedom with 4 deployments and 26 years of honorable service to our nation. Thanks to all who help me along that journey. There was an article featured in “This Is Our War”, a book authored by Devin Friedman if you want to learn a little more about me. Nothing special, just some insights into what I’m all about.


Military Service

My life in the military started as a young adult after turning 18 when I enlisted in the United States Army and first experienced war. Combat divisions I served under includes 1st Armored Division, 1st Cavalry Division, and 3rd Infantry Division. Now looking back, joining the military was the best decision I made. My military journey taught me much more than my beloved hometown of Dovesville, S.C. could ever do for me, and I experienced a lifetime of wonderful memories while serving. I believe it’s fair to say, you’ll hear the majority of Veterans share the same sentiment about their military experience. Don’t get me wrong there were times I felt like giving up to the “suck” of hot and cold weather, times away from family and working long hours. But it was worth it, every bit of it.

And for you my friends who are accustom to hearing the words “Fire Mission, “King of Battle,” and common words of that vernacular, welcome. Glad you are here visiting DooRag Nation.™ Drop me a line and let me know what you think. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Passion, people, products and places generally sum up what I’m all about, what I love to do and see. Products entail much more than a particular product but rather the entrepreneurial spirit. I love learning new information, sharing ideas, visiting new places and see new faces. Entrepreneurship and being in business is a passion that keeps on thrusting me into new exciting worlds that are both painful and pleasurable. Hey friend, thanks for reading and get your shop on by clicking here.

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