About Doo Rag Nation

Welcome to Doo Rag Nation! We are on a mission to elevate your well-being, comfort, and style. Our journey is firmly rooted in dedication, purpose, and service, and we are thrilled to share our story with you.

Our Mission

In today’s world, style and comfort are paramount. Our mission is straightforward: to deliver excellent customer service and provide high-quality products tailored to your unique needs. We believe that by offering top-notch customer service and top-quality products, we can earn your trust and satisfaction.

Our Unique Journey

Doo Rag Nation has a unique and poignant history, fueled by a deep commitment to integrity and the creation of top-notch products. It all began in 2013 when Janice Backus founded “Chickenlady Head Wraps.” Tragically, just months after its inception, she passed away. In 2014, U.S. Army Veteran Nathaniel W. Bragg Jr. breathed new life into the business under the name “Rockin Head Wraps,” embracing a mission that extended far beyond the realm of selling head wraps. However, tragedy struck once more when Nathaniel passed away later that same year. In 2015, Melanie, Nathaniel’s wife, took the helm, rebranding the business as Doo Rag Station to honor her beloved late husband’s memory.

In September 2017, a significant transformation occurred as the business underwent yet another name change, giving birth to Doo Rag Nation. This transformation was driven by a steadfast commitment to integrity and the pursuit of offering top-quality products. Our initial sales venture supported a fundraiser for homeless individuals at the 6th Annual Capital City Bikefest in Tallahassee, Florida.

While we acknowledge that we are not yet where we aspire to be, it’s essential to recognize how far we’ve come. We’ve made substantial progress, and we invite you to join us on this journey of growth, where we strive to meet the diverse needs of our valued customers. The most rewarding aspect of our journey is the opportunity to connect with remarkable individuals like you.

Join us at our pop-up events in Georgia, Florida, and Alabama! Experience local vibes, explore cool stuff, and have a good time. From community hangouts to special events, come be part of the fun. Keep an eye out for event details, and let’s enjoy some good times together! 🎉🌟 #LocalEvents #CommunityFun #Georgia #Florida #Alabama

Local Events

Our first local event in Tallahassee, Florida during Red Hills Powersports fund raiser for cancer— Feb. 24, 2018

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“Veteran-own, Veteran proud!”