Medical Heart Rhythms Durag


Stylish and comfortable headwrap made in the USA. Wear with pride.


Need Medical Counseling?
Dr. Melanie J. Barton is a holistic psychotherapist who does sessions virtually through zoom or doxy. Her methods include Advanced Cell Training, Emotion Code, PSYCH K, meditation, visualization, and when she can see clients again in person Rife machine. PM her to arrange an appointment or email her at

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Help Protect Against CORVID-19

Medical headwrap with heartbeat rhythms pattern on white cotton fabric with black broadcloth ties with a felt sweatband sewn in the forehead.

Amid CORVID-19 virus, here are 5 ways to help stop the spread.

1. Cover your mouth and use a mask
2. Cover exposed head; wear a headwrap that’s easily washable
3. Consistently wash hands
4. Consume immune-boosting foods such as fruits and vehicles
5. Consider others and scrap any plans for going out in large crowds