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Our Product

Welcome to Doo Rag Nation the #1 online shop in the U.S.A for its head apparel. We don’t compete on price. We compete on quality. So if you are looking for quality-made products, you’ve come to the right store. There are so many variations on how doo rags are referred to, pronounced, and written. Throughout this article, you’ll see variations of spellings. You may have heard our doo rags referred to as doo rags, dewrags, do-rags, doo rags, durags, du rags, do rags, or dew rags. Whatever name you are familiar with is OK.

You know how when you sweat a lot, sweat pours all over your face and gets in your eyes. Other times, your long hair gets in the way when you do something. In the hot sunshine, direct sunlight could also be a problem. We get it, and we understand your frustration. That’s why we’ve created our products with you in mind. We have sweatbands to absorb your sweat. Our doo rags fit medium size to large heads. Ties at the back for a more snug fit. The majority of our doo rags are 100% cotton. Form-fitting design and stylish look. Quality-made and comfortable fit. When you use our product, you’ll look great and feel better.

We have nearly 300 dew rags in our stock inventory. So if you’re looking for a specific design, there is a good chance we have them in stock. The easier way to search is to type in a “keyword” in the top right-hand seach bar i.e. NFL. We consistently update our product inventory. Our durags selections of doo-rags include sports durags, silk do rags, velour du rags, mesh doo rags, military durags, medical do rags, patriotic dorags, biker doo-rags, and safety doo rags for people who need to be seen.

Sports Doo Rags

If you are a sports enthusiast and lover of the game of sports, try these. We might have your selection of  sports du-rag in stock. If not, we have the ability to create and produce. Our selection span across college and NFL.  Check some of our other sport doo rag selections and click here. To be sure, click at the top of the menu and enter a search term. For example, enter “Florida State University” and results certainly should prove success. Don’t wait, certainly get yours today.

Skull Cap or Beanie or Biker Cap

Our skull cap, beanie cap, doo-rag cap, or whatever you might call them, we have them in stock for men and women. Our doo-rags are popular among our biker crowd. If you wish to go directly and view them click here to see them.  Our skull caps are quality-made, fitted with a sweat band, comfortable, stylish, and priced right. That is the reasons our Biker Babes and Biker Boyz love them. In particular, Harley and Indian motorcycle riders wear them a lot, for certain. For one thing for sure, doo-rag skull caps fits nicely under the helmet. With this in mind they help resolve our customer’s biggest complaint—sweat. Some of the most popular do-rags for our biker babes and boys are the skull & roses, red hot chilli pepper, and flames. The patriotic dewrags are certainly  among the favorites for freedom-of-the-road riders. In any event, get yours before the next bike festival.

Safety and Mesh Doo rags

Some things you just can’t put a price on—like your safety. Whether from us or some other reputable online or local store, be seen and heard.  One way to do that is through our high fluorescent color dew rags. There are thousands of workers struck, injured, or killed on the roadways by vehicle motorist each day. Danger abounds everywhere. We realize all risks can not be eliminated, but we believe one less risk increase your odds. Our mesh do rags with fluorescent yellow and orange offer high visibility. We called them our safety doo-rags. How much worth is it for you to increase your safety? A valued customer of ours Mindy from Hannibal, Missouri purchased 10 dew rags for her hubby who works our highways. Do you think investing into your safety is worth it? Of course it is! Experience our Mesh do rags for yourself. These dew rags are popular with construction and labor workers because they work mostly in the sun. Our construction du-rags are a great way to absorb sweat and retard the sun rays. Hot weather is always in some parts of the country, right. Try and experience today. You won’t be disappointed.

Military Service Members and Veterans

Doo Rag Nation is a Veteran-owned company. We would be remissed if we forgot about our  active duty service members and Veterans. Thank you for your services. Click here to view our selection of military du rags hear. Our military do rags we have for all branches of services: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen. They really look good, all of them. Army leads the way, in our opinion, but you decide. We love and support them all.

Medical Dew Rags

Of course 2020 and 2021 have been a tough year for those affected by the covid-19. Those are were struck by the virus and those who care for them. We owe our all of our medical personnel  and great big hug, and a big thank you for going above and beyond what is required. Our medical personnel worked so brilliantly fighting COVID-19. Again, thank you.  Our gratitude and heartfelt thanks extends to you and your love ones.  In particularly, we pay homage by offering our medical do-rags to highlight your profession.  View our category of medical durags hear.

The for the outdoors men and women

Hunting is an American pastime for hunters and is a was to get away, relieve stress, and listen to the great outdoors. Do you love hunting? Are you a fisherman? A lover of guns? Do you love camping and the outdoors, archery, survival games? If you answered YES to any of these questions, you might like our hunting do-rags for the outdoorsmen and woman. Click our hunting and durags for the outdoors here. Similarly, you might also like these types of du rags.

Custom Doo Rags

Got a favorite do rag in mind. Click here and email us with your design specifications or call us and indicate the time frame you need them by. Please note that custom orders may take a bit longer. Custom-made doo rags here.


We have a limited stock of accessories. Embroidered patches, color gear ties, and large gator necks just to name a few. See the accessory page  here.

Mailing List

Be the first to know! Sign up for our mailing list for new doo rags added to inventory, du rags on sale, and dew rag giveaways. Sign up here SIGN ME UP! We won’t hound you. Know of a family or friend that might like our products, share with them. Our business operates in part by word of mouth. So please do share our website . Thank you.

Modeling Opportunity

We are looking for models to help exhibit our products— our doo rags through our market and modeling program. This is a great opportunity to earn some extra cash by simply working hours that you are free. If you are the person who wishes to increase her or his exposure, this is a way to enhance your modeling career and gain exposure. We are looking for diversity from all backgrounds, shades, and shapes. We want diversity but we are selective. We’re looking for ordinary people with an extra ordinary mindset. We’re looking for people who are ambitious. Those who have a positive attitude or wish to better themselves. We are not looking for everyone, only those that fit these descriptors. If you would like to learn more information about this opportunity, click here Learn More!  

Did You Know This? 10 Uses of Dew rags 

  • Protect your noggin from UV rays
  • Build self-esteem and confidence for those who suffer from hair loss or Alopecia
  • Style and profile with a look and feel that represents you
  • Use for recognition or social distinction
  • Protect hair from foreign particles and dust
  • Keep hair in place and out of your food while cooking
  • Support religious beliefs and customs
  • Supports a conservative dress
  • Quickly shop without doing your hair
  • Advertise your non-profit organization

Features of Our Do rags

  • 100% cotton
  • Breathable
  • Washable
  • Fitted with sweatband
  • Ties at back
  • Nice style and design
  • Many selections to choose from

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